Trapions are a form of gabion manufactured from welded wire mesh panels with either one or both faces inclined at varying angles to the horizontal dependant upon the unit height. They are supplied in lengths of 1, 2 or 3m or part lengths thereof and pre-assembled with helical spirals for flat packing and ease of transportation to site.

General Information

Trapions are engineered for dimensional rigidity and stability in structural applications. This inclination of the walls normally at around 8% degrees from the vertical is essential for the stability of these gravity systems. They are trapezoidal in section to permit easy construction of free-standing flush-faced (not stepped) tapered walls to act as either sound bunds alongside roads and railways dependant upon what they are filled with or as simple decorative perimeter walls. The wall ends are terminated with prefabricated trapezoidal shaped Weldmesh panels.

Trapions are normally filled with clean graded gabion stone for a rustic appearance. In circumstances where a vegetative face is required specialist advice should be sought from suitably qualified landscape architects to ensure that the correct mix of filling mediums, irrigation and planted materials are used to sustain growth.

Our experienced staff are available to assist you in finding solutions and we supply, install and maintain all our own equipment.

Material specification

Zincalu® Ultra coating

Mesh aperture(mm) Wire diameter(mm) Corrosion protection Durability
76.2 x 76.2 4.55 Zincalu Super 350g/m² ave. minimum More than 70 years in a mild environment
References BS 1052 BS EN 10244-2